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I ordered Ugg boots for 14 yr old granddaughter on Dec 9, 2010 on with free shipping, boots were $70 which normally are $135, so I thought I was getting a great deal!

Charge card co(ccc) called that same evening inquiring if I made a purchase on line from China for 92.99, I said yes but did not realize they were coming from China & it was to be $70, but I approved it & ccc gave me a phone number, thinking I could call uggs & discuss the extra charge.

I checked my emails & it did say shipping $22.99, called number which does not work, called back ccc to have order cancel but too late, e mailed the web site & they did email back with a reply "too late to cancel order" but no reply about the shipping charge.

Was unable to track order, sent another email & got a tracking number which said boots released Dec 17, 2010 but I still have not received them! So the $135 boots are going to end up costing approx $245!

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It's your own fault. If you're going to be *** enough to order from a site you don't even know is legitimate and then complain when you get screwed over, you don't deserve the pleasure of online shopping. People like you *** me off.


Not only are you supporting sweat shops with 10 year olds working in them, you are supporting fake products being sold. You wasted money on FAKE Uggs. Way to go.

EasyNiceMore - This company screwed me out of more than $100 after paying $22 for shipping so I could receive by Xm

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They screwed me out of over $100 after I payed $22 for shipping to receive by Christmas.I've emailed them three times inquiring about status of order and have received nothing in return.

Hopefully my bank will reverse the charges on this bogus company that gives Uggs a bad name!

I now have a sad little girl who still hasn't received her Christmas present. Companies like this ruin the convenience of Internet shopping for customers like me and this is our only recourse.

Hopefully others will learn from me before being ripped off like I was.Be smart!!!!

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Ugg boots odered from

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I ordered ugg boots from this website.After receiving them in the mail realized they were not real and now when I try to reach them for return information no one will return my emails.

The official Ugg website says that this is selling confederate ugg boots. While waiting for the boots to arrive I always was in contact with customer service by email and they've always returned my emails the same day.

It's been two days now and they won't return my emails.My credit card has been charged and now I am disputing the charges

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I made a mistake in my previous message. says they sell authentic merchandise but it is counterfeit sent from China. They would let me return them but postage would have been $96.00


I ordered boots from and am told they are authentic even though they don't sell conterfeit products.HUH!!

Ugg has a list of reputable resources that you can trust to order their products from and is not on that list.BEWARE!!


how does one make this fake website pay?thinking you're getting a good deal on ugg boots!!!

"angel" and "sunny" were responding for awhile then nothing!!ases!!


I ordered Ugg boots on December 6.Still waiting.

I used debit card , big mistake! They took my money and still a month and half later, no boots and no response to emails. I had to live without a debit card for 2 weeks.

I am not done with them yet.They screwed with the wrong person!


I, too, ordered Ugg Boots.They definitely are fakes.

I had to purchase a pair at regular retail because the pair was late. There is a huge difference between the real thing and the fakes. The toe box is very shallow. There's is no real sheepskin anywhere.

I don't think they are leather. The button looks authentic but there is extra stitching around the seams and top that is not on the real UGGs. The real boots weigh 3.l ounces more per boot.

Paula how did you get the address for the President?The Yahoo web site is complaints only.


I too wish I would've researched and found this info. I did receive my fake uggs. When I inquired about return...I received the email below.

I am concerned about cancelling my credit card? Is anyone else cancellin?

Dear friend,

Sorry for the inconverninece

Could you try to keep the boots and order a new pair if possible ?

Just try to sell the boots you got and you will get a discounint on $15 for the new boots

Is that ok then ?

why we recommend this is that: if you strongly want to return the boots back, i am

afraid you have to pay for the shipping feeback yourself, and make sure that the

boots would reach us safely without any damages;and after the parcel reach us,

we have to deduct the delivery fee which costed us shipped from China to your

place, and it's at least $30, and at the same time, we have to deduct 10%

handling fee. obviously it's unworthy, could you just try to keep them then

if possible ?

any other questions, please let me know freely




I ordered the boots on Dec 5, got them today, I may not be up to speed but they do look like the real thing. Very warm, i have not been in the snow with them so that may be the test to see what they are made of? I did call the CC co to renew the charge, I contested it when i read the postings on this site....will keep you posted about if they actually are waterproof too.


Yes, I too was scammed by them for 2 christmas presents, I think I am learning a hard lesson :cry

#228304 IS a horrible UGG site DONT fall into it!!!!I am so mad I did not find this info out over a week ago!!!!I TOO have been scammed by them!!!

Dec 17th I ordered 1 pair (thinking they were real) of boots yes they also charged my account more than my check out amount stated, and no I have not received them yet, and I have contacted them 4 times now, with the last one asking for a refund. I got replys back from the 1st 3 saying they were sorry that the order had not been sent out yet, and that they contacted the shipping dept, and would be back in contacted with me. NOTHING back from them since then.

I will be contacting my bank now to dispute the charge and hope to get my money back...(wishing I had done more research before I placed and order with this company..) :cry It was a supposed to be a Christmas present for my daughter that never happened..Wish me luck



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EasyNiceMore - Fake Website

Berryville, Virginia 14 comments
Not resolved is a website like where they claim to see UGG boots.I ordered two pair and have been charged for them but twelve days later I have yet to receive them.

A few of my emails have been responded to but with very little information given and no clear tracking number and now I have sent several that have gotten no response. Please do NOT order from this website.

I am out $180 and I don't want anyone to waste their money as I have.Broke with no ugg boots to show for it.

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Well, I ordered mine on Dec 5th, just this week I received 1 of the 2 pairs I ordered. So here I go again with these people trying to get my second pair of boots! Worst company ever!


Almost as soon as I ordered these boots something didn't seem right and after more research found out this site is a fake.I immediately cancelled my debit card and filed a fraud claim with my bank, that was 2 months ago and I finally got them today.They are definitely counterfeit boots.

When I purchased them the UGG official website didn't list them as a known counterfeit they do.I am stuck with counterfeit boots as I am sure I will not be able to get my money back...I will try though.


I am also in the same boat!How has this site not been shut down!

I ordered 2 pairs of uggs 1 month ago from this site.Recently received a fake tracking number that never updates.


I too have been sucked in by this website.Isn't there anyone watching these *** artists?

How is it that so many people are getting ripped off with no consequences from Google?

How do you know what to trust when looking through the Google websites?This is unbelievable.


I ordered and the next day got a call from the fraud department of my credit card wanting to know whether I ordered something from China.That was the first clue.

Plus it was $20 extra which must be the shipping. I got a cofirmation email and a tracking number that did let me track the progress of the delivery. They came in a this cardboard box with not Uggs logo on it. The boots were the style I ordered, had an Uggs logo imbedded in the sole and an Uggs logo sewn on the heel of each boot.

The quality of the stitching was good.

So, while they were $80 less than real Uggs, I did get them and assume they will fit as they are Christmas gifts.My $100 Rolex is due in next week as the shipping was delayed due to a battery backorder.


I guess I spoke too soon today.Guess what arrived in my mail today.

My UGG boots from They appear very nice although they were not packaged very nicely.

I'm still glad I switched my credit card account and I will now stop the fraud proceedings with my credit card.I wish the rest of you the best of luck.


It's me again.I took the advice from several people on this post and I first sent another email to the website telling them what I thought of them.

Then I sent an email to to report this site. I took a chance of replying to the confirmation email I got when I first placed my order and I did get a generic reply saying they would send me a tracking number "soon.". I switched my credit card account number to assure that nothing else could get charged to my account by them. I have to wait 30 days for my credit card to start trying to get my money back.

The operator I talked to said that she had nothing but UGG calls the day before mine. There have been tons of people scammed by various sites.

She assured me that if they are fraud and they are caught, they will really be in big trouble.Still I may be out my $100+ dollars!


the same thing happen to me no email confirmation but my card was charge $105.who can i call or write to?


I ordered my UGGS on dec 5, I have written the co 3 times and finally got an answer and a tracking no. but it seems to be fake.

I called the credit card co and reported them.

the charge will be removed, is my card safe?

I believe the CC co will be looking for suspicious activity going forward.


Add me to the list. It is amazing how I have experienced the same thing as the above

- Purchased boots for $83.99 they charged

me $113

- I go to email and realize no email


- I try to search for them in google / yahoo but can't find them (had to go back to history)

Lastly, they have changed URL again now,


I am in the same boat here with everyone else.Credit card charged and no boots.

How did this happen to us? I tried sending an email like Avenger suggested.

Keeping my fingers crossed.Now I'm worried about my credit card!


Well I also ordered boots from this website.The invoice said $195 but they charged my account $206.

This along with the fact that they are in China made me suspicious. I have now immediately disputed the charge with my bank & cancelled my card.



I purchased a pair of these fake UGG boots, attempted to canx the order the same day, notified my credit card company of an unauthorized transaction, emailed the company to canx the order and quess what the fake UGGs arrived today.I will pursue this thru Chase Bank plus MSN who received payments thru the companys fake advertising.

I also plan to lodge a complaint with the FTC and State of North Carolina consumer fraud protection agency.

I've even contacted UGGS of Australia about these bogus dealers.If you interested you can contact the owner of the Shanghai company, Kevin Lee, at and demand your money back.


I am now in the same boat!!!Broke and no UGGS.

No confirmation sent but the money has been taken from my account.

I have canceled my card but still out $180.00.Of course the website was changed to - same company!!!

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